Are you facing limiting resources and experience in CEE markets?
Whether you need market access or business solutions we will help you.

Cecilia Marinova, MD, MBA
Managing Partner

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide medical access to programs, diagnosis, treatment and medical solutions in areas of unmet medical needs.

Our commitment

Our commitment is low risk market access scenario / cost effective business solutions.

About us

We at Medasol are a creative and effective European team with a strong medical background and business experience.

We are focused on the best solution for market access and business entrance for specialized treatments, rare diseases and innovative drugs. A virtual organisation around Medasol will support the launch of the European business.


We transform strategies into business results. We show the option, suggest the best solution and you choose.

What stands behind our expertise:

Implementation of strategic objectives / business results.
Partnership and networking with all stakeholders / integrity.
Experience and understanding/ low risk solution.
Creating new, innovative models for market entrance / business solution.


We can reach your goals by the right plan, activities and cooperation.

Medasol offers the following services

Market know-how
Sizing Opportunity & Market Access
Medical Pre-Launch
Medical Launch
Commercial Launch
  • Market know-how
  • Opportunity Evaluation
  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Business Model
  • Size of opportunity
  • P&R
  • Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Paid Access
  • P&R Dossier
  • Assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic setting:
    Diagnostic procedures, patient pathways, specialized centers, standard of care, therapeutic gaps and opportunities
  • Identification, engagement and continued interaction with investigational sites
  • Identification and establishment of KOL network
  • Advisory Boards
  • Scientific communication
    Congress symposia, educational events, publications
  • Medical support for Market Access
    Value dossiers, stakeholder engagement, hearings, price negotiations
  • Scientific product communication
    Congress symposia, educational events, publications
  • Leveraging of KOL network for product support
  • Strategic Medical messaging
  • Handling of Medical queries
  • Marketing support
  • Information Officer responsibility
    Scientific accuracy of all communications
    Drug promotion according to applicable law and regulations
    Accuracy of SmPC/labeling, packaging material and product listings
  • We reach out to Key Opinion Leaders in collaboration with medical
  • We develop a value story for payers in collaboration with medical and health economics experts
  • We develop pricing strategies for EU/International regions in close collaboration with HQ (CCO/CFO)
  • We establish contacts with key health-economical and health-political stakeholders
  • We prepare a pricing and reimbursement roadmap per country
  • Development of distribution strategies:
    • Logisitics (warehousing, physical distribution)
    • Order and invoicing processes
  • We create product/therapy positioning
  • We develop commercial messages based on phase III data and other publications
  • We prepare blueprints for commercial organisations (EU/International HQ and country organisations
  • We set-up customer databases, based on agreed segmentation parameters
  • We recruit train commercial staff
  • We develop commercial materials
  • We set-up commercial KPI/Sales planning and tracking tools
  • Kick-off pricing and reimbursement processes in various countries
    • Price registration
    • Submission of value dossiers
  • We inform stakeholders about product availability, including pricing and order processes
  • We communicate medical and commercial messages to customers/prescribers
  • KPI‘s/CRM tracking

Contracted Partners

Social Responsibility Projects:


“People matter to me and they inspire me to find solutions for their medical needs. Commercializing of medical advances brings me challenge and joy.”

Cecilia Marinova, MD, MBA
Managing Partner

Cecilia has 15+ years of broad experience in the pharmaceutical and industrial business, local and international, in strategic planning and execution, stationed in 4 countries. Cecilia is a creative professional with the ability to transform innovative solutions into business results, she is a dynamic and disciplined performer, with a track record of success and turnarounds, attracted by new challenges.

Cecilia had the opportunity to participate and coordinate interdisciplinary teams in order to create guidelines and standards for early diagnosis and treatment access in the areas of diabetes, endocrinology, gynecology, hematology, oncology, metabolic disorders and medical devices.


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