What do you do to gain new experiences and perspectives?

Some experience is non-transferable. Despite working professionally with Middle East for more than two decades, 230 km on a bike in a desert was a trip far out of my comfort zone.

We learned how to mount and dismount a bike and how to transport it across 3800 kilometers, remember to pack as little as possible and do not forget must-have items :-) and how to plan to do it yourself in an unknown setting.

Becoming a member of a younger and fitter team brought a questions how to fit in when going uphill, downhill, and for longer distances :-). For servicing, I counted on the help of experienced bikers. Being a leader at work, it was a pleasure to be led for a change.

Different climate, means and conditions of transport, combined with new environment, habits, and team gives an excellent opportunity to find new perspectives and out-of-the-box solutions. It was great! I am still smiling and enjoying it.

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